About us


In just 40 minutes, via an enchanting route from Amstelplein to City Hall, the Knowledge Mile takes you through a rich variety of urban elements. As you walk along Wibautstraat and Weesperstraat, a fascinating mix of organizations unfolds before your eyes. Think businesses, educational institutions, historic landmarks, green oases and modern housing complexes. It seems almost like a happy coincidence that these diverse components come together harmoniously in this dynamic area.

Character and potential

This unique combination gives the Knowledge Mile its own original character and potential. Not only do we see the need for development at Knowledge Mile BIZ. We also see the tremendous opportunities that exist. Our community consists of a diverse group of visionaries and entrepreneurs. These are dedicated to envisioning, realizing and creating synergy between livability, sustainability and safety.

Moreover, what sets the Knowledge Mile apart is its unwavering commitment to inclusiveness. Within this special community, knowledge is shared and real impact is made. With an open mindset, we invite everyone to actively participate, contribute ideas, develop projects and experiment. As a vibrant innovation district, we continue to continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

Origin of Knowledge Trail

And that’s how the Knowledge Trail event came to life. As a gift to our city, a platform for co-creation and co-ownership. Here residents, initiatives and organizations can come together, network and work together for a better future. We encourage everyone to participate in this exciting journey of collaboration and discovery.

Finally, for more detailed information about the Knowledge Mile and its various activities, we invite you to explore our extensive resources on our website. Here you will find everything you need to know to participate in this exciting urban adventure.

About us