FAQ – Your frequently asked questions

FAQ – Your frequently asked questions

Find your frequently asked questions about the Knowledge Trail here.  This Knowledge Trail questions section, is the ultimate guide to this connect event. We understand that you may have questions about exactly what the Knowledge Trail entails, how to register, what to expect and what facilities are available. This FAQ of frequently asked questions has been carefully compiled to give you a complete picture and clear up any ambiguities.

If you still have questions or comments after reading this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us at trail@knowledgemile.biz.

Are you not participating yourself, but would you like to help us make the Knowledge Trail a success? Then you are welcome to come and help us.
For the Knowledge Trail we are looking for enthusiasts! Together we will build the Knowledge Trail, take care of the start, help the participants on the route and make sure everything will be closed properly. Can you and do you want to help us, and the participants make this an unforgettable experience in February?

Participating in the Knowledge Trail certainly has something to offer:

  • Organize a wonderful event for participants and fans.
  • Gain experience within an event team
  • And a delicious fall meal

Participate with your colleagues or friends? Sign up with 5 people! Corporate teams pay €250 per team. Students benefit from a special student rate and pay €100 entry fee.


  • Sporty, surprising, and fun event
  • Run or walk with your colleagues, friends, or neighbors.
  • Passages through unique highlights around Mr. Visser Square
  • A photo (with your running buddies)
  • Exciting challenges along the way. The winner(s) receive a cool prize.
  • Afterwards a meal and drink
  • Afterparty (drinks for own account)


You can sign up starting, November 1.